Shower & Bath Chairs in Houston 

The elderly and people who have a disability rely on bathroom equipment that makes bathing safe. Texas Medical Supply offers a selection of bathroom accessories that help individuals with physical conditions or who are recovering from a surgery or illness. Our products prevent injuries and give individuals easy access to the tub, toilet and sink.

Bathroom Supplies in Houston, TX

Bathroom Support

Your home care will be safer and more convenient with bathroom aids and furniture that help stabilize people who have special needs.

Texas Medical Supply's selection of bathroom solutions includes:

  • Bath Chair: Supports the user and provides leverage for bathing. Curve Grab Bar: Helps the user stand from a sitting position.
  • Transfer Bench: Provides assistance for stepping over bathtub walls.
  • Bedside Commode: Aids in the personal care of individuals; includes armrests for stability.
  • Elevated Toilet Seats: Provides comfort, support and height for individuals with arthritis or who have undergone hip replacement or knee surgeries.

Bathing Products

We also have other bath supplies for dependent patients such as shower hand extensions, plastic and stainless steel bedpans, urinals, commode cushions, mounted shower seats and shower benches. Cleansing products for convenience include no-rinse body wash and shampoo, long-handle back sponges and self-wipe toilet aids.